Who is Florian Homm

Florian Homm’s life is probably unique for a native Son of Oberursel, Germany:

Member of the German junior National Basketball Team and professional athlete, Harvard College and HBS graduate, Executive VP, CEO, serial entrepreneur, venture capital expert, once one of the 300 richest people in Germany according to Manager Magazin, Ambassador at Large and UNESCO delegate for Liberia, the single largest individual donor to Liberia for years, conversant in six languages and bestselling author. He is one of the driving forces behind the launch of Europe’s markets for high growth companies. Homm funds wildly successful internet and biotech companies. Yet not all is well that seems well on the surface.

Homm is suffering from progressive multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 2,000. His beloved sister Barbara, dies from MS related complications in 2006. That same year his marriage begins to disintegrate leading to divorce. In November 2006, Homm is almost killed in an assassination attempt in Caracas, Venezuela – with a bullet still lodged a few millimeters from his spinal cord. Lifestyle excesses, workaholism, investments in nightclubs and brothels do not fit the classic image of a financier part of the famous and privileged Neckermann retailing and leisure dynasty. Successful value investing, but also massive short sales, greenmailing ventures and aggressive corporate raids lead to spectacular results and numerous investment awards and distinctions, especially in down markets.

For almost two decades, many stock market insiders consider Homm one of the most unscrupulous and mercantile European investors. Homm makes a fortune attacking the German industrial and banking establishment exporting US finance and investing techniques into a fairly unsophisticated equity market environment. While he is amassing a significant fortune Homm also makes countless enemies.

In 2007 he retires abruptly from one of the largest hedge fund groups in Europe, which he founded six years before. His retirement is the most widely read story in Bloomberg business news on that day. While he is trying to make sense of his life, he is being chased world wide by bounty hunters seeking to collect a €1.5 Million reward offered by a German detective agency. In March of 2013, he is arrested in Italy’s most famous art gallery in Florence. He spends 15 months fighting extradition to America under life-threatening and sub-human conditions.

Considered a miracle even by his own lawyers, Homm leaves Italian prison as a free man and returns to his native Germany in the summer of 2014. He is recovering slowly and working on a further book, film projects, speeches and devotional material. As of February 2014, he continues to be on the FBI Most Wanted List.

Homm emerges from prison a changed man. He credits his survival to a small devotional book called Our Lady’s Message of Mercy to the World, which gave him hope and reasons to live, when all but a handful of friends and family members did not abandon him. The media is skeptical about this volte face, but does not categorically rule out a possible Saul to Paul conversion.

Homm, says his remaining life is dedicated to make Our Lady’s Message of Mercy known to the world. He speaks publicly about his change and devotion to the Holy Mother, and aims to help others find purpose in their lives through prayer, charity, love and good deeds. Depending on his legal status and his ability to travel, he aims to support abused women and children in some of the poorest and most violent countries on our planet.

Florian Homm – Awards

In meiner Karriere als (Hedge-)Fondsmanager erhielt ich eine Vielzahl an Auszeichnungen. Im Folgenden sind diese aufgelistet.

  • Top US Specialty Fund (1988)

  • Top European Equity Fund (1990)

  • Top European Hedge Fund (1994)

  • Top European Equity Pension Fund (1994 – 1997)

  • Top European Hedge Fund (2002)

  • No. 1 European Long/Short Fund (2002)

  • Top Germany Fund (2002 – 2004)

  • No. 1 Germany Fund (2004)

  • No. 1 Risk Adjusted Long/Short Fund (2005)

  • No. 1 European Event Driven Fund (2005)

  • Top European Hedge Fund (2005)

  • No. 1 Best Hedge Fund Group (2006)

  • Lipper, Fidelity

  • Bank Julius Bär

  • Hedge Fund Review, HFI

  • AAA Foundation

  • HFI

  • Hedge Fund Review, HFI

  • Finanzen

  • Micropal

  • Barclay Group

  • Eurohedge

  • Hedge Fund Review, HFI

  • Hedge Fund Review