Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I thank you for all your fair minded questions.

The messages are those of the Holy Mother. How can this possibly be true?
I simply ask that you at least try to have an open mind. Thousands have resorted to our Lady’s Book of Messages in times of severe despair, even hopelessness. These suffering souls come from all walks of life, race, religious and economic backgrounds. Many thousands have invited the Holy Mother into their life through the Blue Book. So many lives have changed for the better. Her messages have positively impacted the existence of people not even aware of the Holy Mother or Catholicism, agnostics, even committed atheists before they learned about the blue book. Some devotees have experienced spiritual graces and wonders. Some self-centered, materialistic and calculating people like myself are now kinder, more generous and loving. Many of our most ardent supporters were extremely critical and doubtful at the outset. So you’re skeptical as well?

That is the rule for most of us. Even Jesus said, “Most humans have to see before they believe.” However, these doubting souls had one thing in common: They were all prepared to engage themselves, earnestly and openly, to listen to and absorb our Lady’s messages. They wer prepared to give this little book an earnest effort. And after a while, yes they began to see, trust and believe.

Many mentally, emotionally and physically distressed people, criminals, some with severe diseases, some experiencing dramatic professional and personal setbacks in their lives have found more comfort and peace through Her messages. Others, with everything the world could offer at their disposal, were depressed and saw little purpose in their existence. They found peace and purpose through the Holy Mother’s Messages.

I recommend you look at the testimonies. All we ask is that you give the Holy Mother a chance to guide you through your trials on earth, reach your soul and touch your heart. This is not a matter of fuzzy logic, profound intellectual or philosophical analysis or complex mathematical probability formulas. Take one step at a time, and ask yourself: What is my downside? Positive change? Peace, happiness, a purposeful life versus more of the same drudgery, a loaded ego, fear and misery?

Over time you may lose some of your bad habits to which you have grown accustomed. You may love more and complain less. Your ego will certainly shrink at for the benefit of your soul, which will become brighter. You will certainly go through life with far less fear and you will certainly become kinder to those around you. At times your heart may resonate with joy. You may discover the beauty of your better self, discover peace and find a true more rewarding purpose in your life. You will be happier.

If you are open to such changes and want to bring forward and grow what is truly beautiful within you, then give the Holy Mother the opportunity to lead you through this valley of tears towards true happiness. By letting the Holy Mother guide, teach and inspire you with Her messages, you will have the most powerful and loving advocate by your side; a Divine resource infinitely greater and more capable than your own human deliberations and self-effort.

I am a Christian but not a Catholic. I struggle with many elements of the Catholic faith like the Pope, the Saints even the Holy Mother. How can I possibly follow Her messages?
When you open our Lady’s book of messages you will find the following inscription: Loving me does not detract from loving my Son”, it adds to the beauty of your soul. If you can believe in God and Jesus the Holy Mother will render your soul, being and life more beautiful for Her Son and God. Her appeal and value is not an either/or proposition. Devotion to the Holy Mother enhances the beauty of your soul to God and His Son. Your love for Jesus and God will not diminish if you build a loving relationship to the Holy Mother. Quite the contrary, the messages often lead you to Jesus and to the Holy Father in a beautiful, loving, effective and rewarding manner. The Holy Mother casts the widest possible net to renew and restore souls to God and therefore Jesus. We are all Her children, irrespective of religion, race and orientation.

I am not a Christian. How can I possibly seek and Mary in my life?
If you are a Muslim you may know that the Holy Mother is mentioned more frequently in the Koran than in the New Testament. The Holy Mother even has her own extensive Surah in the Koran. The Hindu faith refers to a virgin girl Goddess.  It is not at all uncommon for Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists to develop a loving relationship with the Holy Mother. We urge you to give the Holy Mother a chance to enter your life through Her messages of mercy. This is a matter of choice, persistence and spiritual evolution. Love, mercy and hope are universal. As is faith. The messages are not so much about religion but primarily a matter of prayer, charity, love and forgiveness. We are certain you will not regret opening your heart and soul to the Holy Mother and letting Her lead you to true happiness.

How much time do I have to spend each day to get the most from Her messages?
Experience shows that even spiritual matters require some dedication and devotion to yield rewards. Only a few select ones like Saint Paul have such forceful, sudden conversions. Therefore patience, good will and persistence will yield great rewards. Emotional, deep prayer from your heart (we know this is not easy at the onset for many people) is very powerful. Deep, joyful, confident prayer, a sincere desire for the Holy Mother will bear more spiritual fruit than hours of rote repetitive recitations.

Please note that the Holy Mother is not seeking your intellect nor repetitive, heartless prayer renditions. She does want your full attention, an emotional engagement unhindered by noise or disturbances. That way She can truly communicate and reach you. Rest assured, She will tell you, how best to pray and when you need to pray more, through Her messages. She wants your soul to be brighter and cleaner, your heart more vibrant, fervent and loving. She wants you to adopt her loving maternal touch and live more by Her Son’s brilliant and loving example, all for the Glory of God – the source of eternal life, love and creation.

So, the short answer is: the process will take time. How much? This will depend on your openness, your spiritual growth, your trust and faith and of course on God’s will and plan for your life. You will also find out that you cannot place your life and destiny in kinder, more loving, stronger and more compassionate hands than the most Compassionate Mother.

I have searched the internet and have come across quite a few negative articles and commentaries.
You are right. The articles and commentaries range from questioning the validity of the messages and their origin, the history of the charity to utterly insulting, offensive and vulgar remarks. Some internet commentators vehemently attack members of our charity making perverse allegations. The largest number of these are anonymous. Those that are not vulgar and covert, largely question the validity of the messages from an ecumenical perspective.

We are not perfect nor do we claim to be. At the early stages of our development we were once affiliated with a controversial, deceitful priest. We have taken all steps to distance ourselves from this lost soul. We address our shortcomings. Our mission to make our Lady’s messages known to the world, dictates that we work with a many different people. However, there is no place for those who wish to undermine Her messages or use them for personal gain.

Transparency, honesty and good will are among our top priorities. We will gladly respond to all of our critics; openly, welcoming and objectively. In fact we have an outstanding invitation to all civil critics and detractors to discuss all aspects of our work for the Blessed Mother. Thus far, all those who criticized our mission covertly or overtly have remained on the periphery, preferring to take pot shots from the dark rather than engaging in a genuine, sincere and visible dialog. We are prepared to engage in an open debate, in a public venue with our detractors at any time.

I noticed a little reference called NIHIL OBSTAT in the blue book. What does that mean?
We think it is best to use the Wikipedia definition. In respect to our Lady’s Book of Messages the Nihil Obstat was granted by the archdiocese of Dublin. Nihil obstat (Latin for “nothing hinders” or “nothing stands in the way”) is a declaration of no objection to an initiative or an appointment.

Apart from this general sense, the phrase is used more particularly to mean an “attestation by a church censor that a book contains nothing damaging to faith or morals”. The Censor Librorum delegated by a bishop of the Catholic Church reviews the text in question, but the nihil obstat is not a certification that those granting it agree with the contents, opinions or statements expressed in the work; instead, it merely confirms “that it contains nothing contrary to faith or morals.“

The nihil obstat is the first step in having a book published under Church auspices. If the author is a member of a religious institute and if the book is on questions of religion or morals, the book must also obtain the imprimi potest (“it can be printed”) of the major superior. The final approval is given through the imprimatur (“let it be printed”) of the author’s bishop or of the bishop of the place of publication.

Are Our Ladys Messages of Mercy and Grace a form of Marian Devotion?
Basically Marian Devotion is the devotion to the Holy Mother and encompasses numerous organization, charities, foundations, orders and groups all over the world. In that sense, one could surely call us as devoted to the Holy Mother.

Please tell me more about the foundation and its origins. How many books have been distributed? Are their chapters in other countries? Is it only available in English? How is this devotion funded?
Olive Dawson and a group of devoted volunteers are promoting the Messages of Mercy of our Holy Mother all over the world. The devotion dates back to the early eighties. A medium received and compiled our Lady’s messages into a small book. Olive Dawson, who has also dedicated her life to making Our Lady’s messages known to the world, has been the driving force to distribute over one hundred thousand books to souls in need,  not counting an active and sizable community in the Philippines whose religious focus is based on the Holy Mother’s messages.  The publisher of the Book is a registered UK charity. The mailing address is:
Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy, PO Box 262, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1UZ, England.
The official website is:

The Book of Messages has been translated into Italian, Spanish, German and several other languages but the book is presently only available in english. God willing the printed copies will become available in languages other than English in 2015. Several volunteers are dedicating a large part of their free time to make the messages of the Holy Mother known.

The original foundation is funded entirely by donations. No one receives a salary. The Books have been given away for free to poor souls in need. Those able to afford the modest price tag are encouraged to order the book and make a donation at the same time. If the donation is greater than the cost of printing, handling and mailing, it allows the foundation to give the book free of charge to those who cannot afford it.

I have noted other items besides the Book of Messages such as a Scapular, an Image of the Holy Mother and a special focus on the Rosary. Please explain.
The Rosary prayers, especially when combined with a reflection of the Holy Mysteries, as mentioned by the Holy Mother in several messages, can be a very helpful tool in your daily life and your spiritual existence. In fact, we believe the Rosary devotion is very powerful. We also believe the Rosary prayer as explained in our Lady’s Book of Messages, will increase the effectiveness and depth of your prayers. Many devotees find their prayers are more inspired when looking at the image of the Holy Mother.

The Salve Regina prayer is also mentioned in the messages. It is an excellent spiritual and devotional prayer to Mary, God and Jesus. Many devotees have found the scapular helpful in fending off evil. Truly, we encourage you to begin reading the messages and letting the Holy Mother tell you what She wants from you. That is so much better, than us mere mortals, telling you how to optimize the experience of Her messages.

We do recommend reading the Bible with a preference for the New Testament and that you familiarize yourself with the 20 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary and a handful of key prayers such as: The Sign of the Cross, The Apostle’s Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father, The Hail Holy Queen.

I know little or nothing of the Bible, God, Jesus or the Holy Mother. How can I possibly grasp or absorb Mary’s messages?
Your situation is not at all uncommon. Take your time. Many of those who began to follow Her messages knew even less. Some had no idea who the Holy Mother was. Some were atheists. As you begin to see the sincerity, relevance, the purity, the goodness and love contained in Her messages You will develop a desire to know more about God and Jesus, our Saviour and best friend. Having a basic grasp of the New Testament, which is very much the life of Jesus, is of course helpful because after all Mary is the Mother of Christ. Yet prayer and patience combined with persistence will get you where you need to be to derive the greatest benefits from Her messages. Be open. Be curious. Study Her messages not only with your mind but more importantly read them with your heart. Persevere and you will want to learn more. In time a whole new world of being and living life will open for you through Her messages. Please be patient. She will reach you and touch your heart and soul. Persist.

There is no distinct advantage if you are an accomplished bible scholar when you open Her book. Her messages are not of the world. They are for all of God’s children. They are about life and eternal values. They are written in simple language. They require little education. Intellectual brilliance is utterly irrelevant. In fact, those with the largest egos, the best education, those with the greatest worldly accomplishments often struggle more to grasp the essence and beauty of Her messages than humble and modest people.

Several people in our group are very interested in learning more about our Lady’s messages of mercy. Can somebody speak to us or help us understand them better?
It is our mission to make the Merciful Madonna’s messages known. We do all we can, but we are still a relatively small group of volunteers. Olive Dawson has visited many different countries and regions to meet with small, medium and very large groups. Please contact her in writing (Olive Dawson: Friends of the Mother of Divine Mercy, PO BOX 262, Whitstaple, Kent, CT5 1UZ, England or simply go the contact area on our primary webpage (Note: consider having our address and email prominently displayed) send an email or write us a letter. Several other individuals may also be available to bring you closer to Her messages. I  am ( also willing to speak to those who are genuinely interested to learn more about our Lady’s messages. For the time being I can only travel freely in Germany due to global and European arrest warrants. God willing, this will change. We very much thank you for your interest and curiosity.