Our Mission

Our principal aim is to make known the Merciful Madonna’s Messages of Mercy and grace, and thereby help and renew souls, restoring them to God.

These unique messages saved me from 225 years in prison, brought to a close 15 month of incarceration in a hostile and depraved prison environment and helped me overcome severe depression and thoughts of suicide. The Holy Mother interceded on my behalf by blessing me with tangible progress against a very serious neurodegenerative disease: chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.

From a profound sense of gratitude and enlightenment, I dedicated my time here to making our Lady’s messages of mercy and grace known to as many souls as possible. I believe your life will change dramatically for the better if you listen with your heart to the Merciful Madonna. God’s resources are infinite and available to everyone. Please avail yourself of our Lady’s messages to a lead a more joyful and purposeful existence. This is what she says:

“My dear little one, I smile on you even though you think you are beyond repair, no one is beyond repair only those that wish to stay that way. When you need me, open the book. I am the Blessed Mother who shall come in the midst of all your misfortunes and keep you safe.”

Our Conviction
Those who follow the Holy Mother’s Messages will experience:

Love where there is fear,

Light where there is darkness,

Purpose where there is emptiness,

Hope where there is despair,

Peace where there is unrest.