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“Have no fear. You must concentrate only on the book I have given you. Delete nothing providence has revealed to you. St. Joseph will guard it in purity and I will guard it in maternity. It will be a star that will shine for all the world to see and a fresh breeze blowing through the church. Never before in the history of the church have I blessed such a book as I have the one I have given you. Truly my Image is the Mediatrix of all Graces. Pray! Pray! In prayer you will obtain everything”.

This book is very precious. It is our tangible link with our Blessed Mother in Heaven. It is not meant to read the book from front to back. The way to use this book is as our Our Lady has said, “pray before reading my messages”. Say a prayer, any prayer of your choice, then open the book at random. Read the “Pearl” on the even numbered page. That is the main point of the message, which Our Lady wishes to impart. Find the particular text in the dated message on the opposite page and read the message through for that date. You may need to go to the previous page for the start of the message. There may also be additional paragraphs following the message without a “Pearl” (that is a paragraph without a phrase in bold or thickened typescript). They are also part of the initial message you have opened and received. These messages can also be highly relevant.

It is also suggested, that you use the book when saying the Rosary, reading one message between each decade. This book is also a great comfort when you are particularly worried or upset about events in your life, as Our Lady has said, “When you need Me, open the book.” Once you obtain the Book turn towards the last pages (page 412 of the most recent English version) and it will tell you how to pray the Rosary in the spirit of our Lady’s message to the world.

The Image of the Divine Mother of Mercy brings peace and calm into your life. We strongly urge you to look and venerate at it at least once a day. This is what the Holy Mother has to say about Her image,

“Pray where the image is exposed and venerated, My Immaculate Heart will bestow many graces of conversion. Do not let a day go by without at least turning once to the image praying.”

Following is what the Merciful Madonna says about the Scapular,

“My little one! To all who wear this Scapular faithfully, I promise to grant before they die , the last sacraments of the Church. This shall be the sign of your consecration to my Immaculate Heart.”

Prayer Addendum
There are quite a few references to the Rosary devotion in our Lady’s Messages of Mercy and grace. Should you wish to know more, please consult the link below. Just remember, the Holy Mother wants first and foremost prayer from your heart. Dare to pray to Her like a trusting and loving child to the Most Compassionate Mother that She is:

May the Good and Merciful Lord and His Heavenly Mother bless you.

Projects in the Future

God willing I hope to translate this website into several languages in 2015. Another project is to secure enough funding to print books in other languages. Many souls, not knowledgable in english, await these versions in their native language.

Messengers of Mercy (MOM) network
One very effective way to make these messages known is a messenger system. This will have to wait until next year (2015). The present website is a heartfelt devotion and a testimony to the Holy Mother by Florian Homm, its author.

Nothing is more important for us than spreading Our lady’s messages. This is what the Holy Mother has to say about the relevance of making Her messages known:

“The book of messages I have given you are essentially the message I wish to give to every soul, that is including the souls of priests. In essence, the book of messages is for the renewal of every soul. Providence will reveal to every soul how best they should spread. That is in the manner in which they feel it in their souls as to how it should be spread. As this is shown to each soul, only this, will each soul receive the blessing of the message, if they should spread it, if not, no blessing will be received.”

Few matters are more central to our mission than to find others ready, willing, inspired, devoted and able to spread the Messages of our Mother of Divine Mercy. We have suitable candidates around the world but not nearly enough. Messengers of Mercy will receive input and support from us whenever needed. They have tremendous flexibility on how to make the messages of our Holy Mother known. Without any doubt the Holy Mother will help them in this.

However, each messenger will have to complete and sign a simple form which contains personal information, three questions which need to be answered and a signed commitment that he or she will not engage in any unlawful practices. These records will be subject to public review and available on our website. We reserve the right to decline any application without any explanation and reserve the right to cancel Messengers of Mercy in the same manner at any time and without any explanation.

Be assured we will do everything to keep you working for our Lady, but we cannot afford any current or future activity that may undermine or endanger our mission for the Blessed Mother.

In time we hope and pray that there will be international, regional and local chapters with thousands of messengers with millions of Books and Images in homes all over the world. If you are inspired by the messages and have seen your life change positively as a consequence, please complete the following form and mail it to us by post or print it out, complete it, scan it and send it to us via email. With great confidence we look forward to that day when thousands of suitable messengers spread our Lady’s messages of mercy, hope and love to Millions of souls in need on every continent. ​

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I, …………………… (place your name here) hereby solemnly declare that I will make the Messages of the Mother of Divine Mercy known and refrain from all activities, especially those that are illegal, that will hurt, undermine or endanger this mission.

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